The nighttime lighting of Zizania bamboo shoots in Puli Town also creates a beautiful night scene in the area.

(Provided by Chen Qiyuan)

[Reporter Tong Zhenguo/Report from Nantou] Asparagus bamboo shoots are produced all year round in Puli Town, Nantou County. Farmers have to adjust the production period through lighting. In recent years, units including National Jinan International University have promoted farmers to use LED energy-saving lamps. The soft and beautiful scenery in the Puli Basin, together with the mist after the rain yesterday, is like a purple fantasy fairyland. Photographer Chen Qiyuan specially took pictures and shared it, and the public praised it is really beautiful!

The planting area of ​​Zizania bamboo shoots in Puli Town is about 1,600 hectares, which is the largest production area in the country. The general production period is from April to October. However, farmers have adjusted the production period over the years so that consumers can taste the fresh and refreshing "beauty" all year round. leg".

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Lighting is the key to promoting the growth of Zizania bamboo shoots. In the past, most farmers used high-pressure sodium lamps, which not only consume electricity, but also cause light pollution due to strong glare and white light, which affects the surrounding environmental ecology and residents' lives.

In recent years, the National Jinan University has promoted farmers to use more energy-efficient LED lamps. According to actual measurements, the effect of purple-red spectrum LED lamps is no less than that of high-pressure sodium lamps, and farmers are willing to change lamps one after another.

Recently, on the Ailan Road section of National Highway No. 6, the bamboo shoot fields on both sides of the National Highway are illuminated with soft purple light after nightfall, which is very eye-catching and has become a local characteristic night scene. Yesterday, Puli was dry for a long time and it rained, and the basin also accumulated water vapor, and the temperature dropped at night. The formed mist flutters with the wind, combined with the lights, it looks like a purple fantasy fairyland. Photographer Chen Qiyuan specially took the view from a high place, and took pictures of the beautiful scenery, which makes people want to take a closer look.

Chen Qiyuan said that the traditional sodium gas lamps are gradually transformed into LED lamps, which will not only save more electricity, but also make the night in Puli more dreamy, which he is looking forward to.

The bamboo bamboo shoot field in Puli Town uses energy-saving LED lights, and the soft purple light at night, combined with the mist, creates a purple dreamy fairyland.

(Provided by Chen Qiyuan)

The artificial facilities in the Puli Basin combined with the natural mist create a stunning view.

(Provided by Chen Qiyuan)