A member of the District Court in Haskovo imposed a measure of remand "in custody" against a resident of the village of Levka in Svilengrad, who was wanted with a European Arrest Warrant for being a sewer in Hungary.

Iliyan Angelov (26) was detained in his home on February 6.

The District Court in the Hungarian city of Szeged wants Angelov on trial for trafficking 13 Afghan nationals across the Serbian-Hungarian border in October 2021.

If convicted, he faces one to five years in prison. 

For the decision, the court reasoned that there were prerequisites for the person to abscond, since the crime was committed on the territory of Hungary.

From the criminal record check, it became known that Angelov was convicted on the territory of Bulgaria for the same crime and, despite the rehabilitation that has taken place, there is an increased danger of the perpetrator.

Thus, "detention in custody" is the adequate guarantee for appearing before the court in the main proceedings on his extradition.

Those detained in our country in connection with the attacks in Turkey are also accused of embezzlement and human trafficking

The decision is subject to appeal and protest before the Court of Appeal - Plovdiv.