A real scandal broke out between the wife of

Anatoly Anatolich

, PR manager


, and journalist

Alina Dorotyuk

The other day, the interviewer recorded a video with singer Svitlana Tarabarova, in which she criticized the showman for his parody of the interview of Russian Yuri Dudy with actor Oscar Kuchera.

"Anatolich called Dudy a more brilliant journalist. I invited Anatolich to an interview, he initially agreed. He knows my position, I saw him. I didn't like it. So I said: "Let's discuss." Then he wrote that he was not ready , after the hate and the storm that poured out on him. It seems to me that while we will look, what is better there, and Instasamka will be in our tops," Dorotiuk said in the video.

Yula reacted to such statements of the journalist on her Facebook page and accused Dorotyuk of inciting enmity between Ukrainians during the war.

"Alina Dorotyuk, you, as a journalist, taking into account your high and currently extremely important profession of "journalist" shape public opinion, taking on the most important mission - managing people's heads and shaping the opinion of your audience. I, as a PR specialist, and simply as a person, who carefully watched the parody (that's the main word) of the curler, and as someone who sees at least what Anatolich does in public and collects millions of views on YouTube for his videos where he exposes the crimes of real criminals, I am very surprised by what you have been doing in interview with Svitlana Tarabarova, talking about Anatolich," Yula was indignant. 

The showman's wife explained that his video about Dudy was entertaining and was intended to show the audience how undeveloped "patriots" like Kuchera are in Russia.

"He doesn't admire the bagpipe! Answer for your words! Where does he call Dudy "genius"? Did she come up with it herself - said it herself? Anatolich writes (in the box you displayed) that the bagpipe professionally conducts a dialogue, where he makes fun of the curler with his facial expression. That's it. Other - your fantasies. Isn't it the job of a journalist to figure it out first? This is bullshit that you, as a journalist, don't understand the situation, and you spread it in your circle. It's unprofessional and extremely unpleasant. At the moment, peace in the country depends on each such journalist. And the bullshit is spread by those who does not make friends with the head, thus touching their foreheads in such a difficult time," Yula addressed the interviewer. 

In turn, Dorotyuk also did not remain silent and responded to criticisms directed at her in the comments.

In response, Alina once again emphasized that she opposes any support for Russian content.

Dorotiuk once again invited Anatolich for an interview so that he could share his opinion face to face.

"I do not support enthusiasm for the product made by a neighboring state. And the comments under your husband's post about Dudy's interview with Kuchera show that I am not the only one like that! I really sincerely do not understand why Russian content should be popularized even in the way of "ridicule" one character and the glorification of another. This is my opinion and it has the right to exist. Just like your husband's opinion. I invited and invite Anatolich to discuss this topic. If he is ready, I will gladly listen to his point of view," wrote Dorotyuk. 

Anatoly Anatolich himself also joined the public discussion and stated that at first he did not want to comment on anything out of respect for Svitlana Tarabarova, but decided to speak out anyway.

In his comment, the showman called Dorotyuk's actions manipulation.

"In this 1 minute video, Alina lies and manipulates at least three times. First, I did not call Dudy a genius. This is a lie. Second, I did not tell Alina that I was not ready to discuss this topic. I did not say such a thing. This is a lie. Thirdly, tying the name of an Instawoman to a conversation about me is a cheap manipulation in the style of a Skabeeva, or a sobchak. Because I explained why the content with the curly hair gives answers to the question "how is it that most Russians support the war, what in their to the head" to remind Instasamka, it's just to throw shit, not a fan, in the style of who knows who," Anatolich replied to his colleague. 

It should be noted that Anatoly Anatolich posted a parody of Dudy and Kuchera's interview on his social networks back in January.

But he showed the entire "content" of the conversation with the woe-patriot in the video.

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