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The city is Adana, about 200 km from the epicenter of the earthquakes.

There are about 11 destroyed buildings and 60 victims in the city at the moment, reports Nova TV.

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The earthquake in Turkey and Syria 82

"Bulgaria was the first country from the European Union to respond to the appeal for emergency aid to rescue from the dramatic earthquake.

In the late afternoon, 2 "Spartans" arrived with 15 people from the Civil Defense of the Sofia Municipality, a team of four doctors from the Military Medical Academy, two high-terrain ambulances, and at 2:30 in the morning two more "Spartans" arrived with rescuers and dogs from the Bulgarian Red Cross and four high-terrain ambulances.

Adana is one of the cities with the least destruction - there are 11 destroyed buildings, the victims are about 60, and the injured are 850 at the moment. Our first teams - 19 people, immediately after their arrival this afternoon went to the sites, so far they have worked on two objects in the Adana region, and tomorrow they will continue", said yesterday the ambassador of Bulgaria to Turkey, Angel Cholakov.

According to him, the biggest destructions were in Pazardzhik, Kahramanmarash and Gazientep.

"In Iskenderun, we still have a compatriot who has disappeared without a trace, the rescue work continues, he has not yet been contacted.

We have no information about other injured compatriots," the diplomat added.

"Our task is, through the dog rescue group, to try to locate places that are indicated by the Turkish Red Crescent as possible to search and likely still alive, locate those places, report exactly where to search and this is our main function - to locate victims", explained Emil Neshev from the Mountain Rescue Service.

He pointed out that the group consists of 12 mountain rescuers and five dogs.

"We are leaving with everything we need for 3 to 5 days of self-autonomous existence," said Neshev.

From the PSS, they expect to find a very difficult picture in Turkey.

"Our crews are prepared to do the job in these weather conditions, they have the training, they have the capacity, so the job will be done."

The situation is not that complicated from a meteorological point of view, it is a question, there are certain limitations, there are certain difficulties, but they are surmountable.

We have enough experience in the execution of such tasks, including in a shortage of time, including in such crisis conditions", assured Lieutenant Colonel Dimcho Dobrev, deputy commander of 16 airbases.

After the powerful earthquakes: More than 4,300 victims in Turkey and Syria

"Apparently the damage is serious because there were many rescuers from different countries.

We saw from Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Romania", commented Nikolay Georgiev, who is co-pilot of "Spartana" with a successful first mission.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria