The widows of the liquidated collaborators from the occupied Donbas and the so-called "volunteers" were given fur coats.

The corresponding photos appeared in pro-Russian Telegram channels.

Judging by the photos, the widows of the invaders decided that a fur coat in exchange for a husband was a good option, because they happily smile while looking at the gifts.

"It would seem logical to give widows money, not fur coats. Probably, they would spend it on something else, more necessary in their current situation. But still, they understand why worn fur coats are given and where they got these fur coats. Yes, yes, this everything from the houses of the "liberated" residents of Donbass. The best thing is to take them to Russia, home. And the worst thing is to the "widows of Novorossiya". However, judging by the photo, the widows are quite satisfied. A worn fur coat instead of a Novorossian man is quite ok." , - noted journalist Denys Kazanskyi.

Earlier, the widow of the Russian colonel, who allegedly fired five bullets at himself, appealed to Putin.

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