An account of the devastating earthquake by a Bulgarian living in Turkey.

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The earthquake in Turkey and Syria 83

Ibrahim Yilmaz lives in the city of Adana - about 180 km from the epicenter.

He shared that he was currently in a hotel and intended to go to the airport.

Many people spent the night in their cars and tents, reports Nova TV.

“I woke up and about a minute and a half I felt.

We went outside to the street.

The weather was rainy.

There were collapsed, demolished houses everywhere", the Bulgarian recalls the first minutes of the earthquake.

Schools and gymnasiums have become shelters for hundreds of people left homeless, Ibrahim said.

A story from the epicenter of the tragedy

The journey of the rescue teams is carried out only by airplanes, because it is impossible by car, adds the Bulgarian.

There were destroyed bridges and roads in the area.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria