The Sumy Regional Military Administration informs about this.

As a result of artillery shelling from 15.07 to 15.40 on the village.

A local elderly woman born in 1946 died when a shell hit a private residential building in Pavlivka of the Bilopol community (20 hits).

During the entire day, the enemy shelled the communities of Krasnopil, Yunakiv, Bilopol, Seredino-Bud, Znob-Novgorod, Shalygin, Glukhiv.

125 arrivals were recorded, 3 explosive devices were dropped from UAVs, and 1 machine gun round was carried out on the border territories and settlements of the Sumy region.

  • Krasnopil community: mortar shelling (probably 120 mm caliber, 20 "arrivals") was carried out.

  • Bilopolsk community: in addition to mortar shelling in the village.

    Pavlivka, recorded dropping of 2 ammunition (VOG type) from a UAV on the territory of the community.

    Mortar shelling was also carried out in another village of the community - 11 volleys.

  • Seredyna-Buda community: the Russians dropped an explosive device (type VOG 25P) from a UAV in the town of Seredyna-Buda, which did not explode.

  • Znob-Novgorodsk community: shelling was carried out (probably AGS) - 21 "arrivals".

  • Yunakiv community: the enemy fired mortars on the territory of the community - 8 attacks, and then another 18.

  • Shalygin community: the Russians dropped 7 mines on the territory of the community, and also fired small arms fire (1 round from a large-caliber machine gun).

  • Hlukhivsk community: there was a mortar fire - 17 mines landed on the community's territory.

Earlier, TSN.uа reported that

a powerful explosion rang

out at the enterprise in Shostka .

The Russians could fire a rocket at the premises, informed the "North" OK. 

We also talked about the residents of Sumy Oblast who

miraculously survived after the invaders fired at their house


The Russians attacked the residence with barrel artillery.

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