The occupying Ministry of Defense of Russia invented another "no analogues" - military uniform of the "new generation", which will also be issued with insulated rubber boots. 

This is what the Russian media of mass propaganda write about with reference to their sources. 

Propagandists write that they allegedly developed a new uniform for the Russian occupiers who are killing Ukrainians.

Its appearance will not differ from the previous one, but the quality of seams, fabrics and insulation will be improved. 

Invaders will also issue different types of uniforms depending on the season.

Another improvement from the occupying Ministry of Defense - insulated rubber boots will be issued to the occupiers.

Where they will sew the uniform, "which has no analogues", is not reported. 

We will remind you that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine showed the "state-of-the-art" weapons of the Russian military, which they wanted to use to protect the Kherson Bridge from Ukrainian HIMARS attacks.

Soldiers from the 155th Marine Corps Brigade of the Russian Federation were also spotted looting and committing war crimes against the civilians of Buchi and Irpen in the Donetsk region near the town of Vugledar.

Ten occupiers from this brigade surrendered.

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