"Deputy Joke" asks for an examination of Pol.Lt.Gen., a classmate of the student class 47 after being accused of being behind a gambling website.

Ordered a subordinate to carry admins to attack in a local car care area, Samet Police Station, Chonburi, identified from the evidence and the testimony of the victim is believed to be involved.

While the Sai Mai page must survive, bring the victim to testify against the accused group in more robbery cases.

After being attacked, he was taken into custody to search a room in Bangkok, Chokchai police station, took another fake Rolex and a pair of sneakers.

While the case-solving set combines the events that occurred in both areas as the same case.

In the case of Mr. Ekapop Luangprasert

The founder of the Saimai must survive page took Mr. A (fictional name), an engineer and an administrator of an online gambling website, to meet with Pol. to the rank of police officer

Lieutenant Colonel under one of the Headquarters

and is a fellow student of the Nor Tort 47 class, the same class as Pol. Gen. Surachet

Carried away to hurt the body until it was injured.

Because of being accused of making the balance fall

Despite working for 3 years, being responsible for 3 websites, the monthly turnover is more than 100 million baht, while Pol. Gen. Surachet reveals that the accused general is a fellow student of the 47th class and will proceed directly. come

As reported by the news

progress on this matter

Most recently, at 11:00 a.m. on February 7, at the Investigator Association, Police Club, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Mr. A, the victim with the Sai Mai page team, had to survive and travel to meet.

Maj. Gen. Namkiat Theerarojanaphong, Commander of the Training Center

Metropolitan Police Headquarters

Head of the investigation team for the aforementioned case

To investigate further, there is Pol. Col. Porntawee Samuang, Superintendent of the Chokchai Police Station.

and investigators at Chokchai Police Station attended a meeting with the case team

Because after Mr. A was ambushed in Chonburi Province, he still took Mr. A to search the victim's room in Soi Lat Phrao Wang Hin 46.

ransacking valuable assets, including

1 Rolex watch (fake) 1 pair of sneakers worth 4,000 baht The victim wants to report the robbery to the perpetrators as well.

Until 1:00 p.m., Pol. Col. Khemarin Phisamai, Chanthaburi Immigration Superintendent 1 in the case solving kit revealed that in such cases, Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, the police chief, and Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, deputy police chief, ordered the case-solving team to work honestly.

Including the proof of the testimony of the victim who was involved

It is expected that soon there will be more progress.

For such an incident occurred on January 12, 2023, the group of perpetrators arranged for the victim to meet at a department store in the province.

Chonburi before getting into the car

seize the victim's mobile phone

Then took them to attack at a car care, the owner was 1 of the perpetrators, about 5-6 people were assaulted and still not found that there were government officials involved at the scene.

As for taking duties or taking orders from other people or not.

Let's prove it in detail again.

The abusers and victims already know each other.

Because doing business with gambling websites together, what do all 5 people do on that website?

Ask to remain in the investigation

Col. Kemarin further said that

As for the case of physical abuse and victims, the cause is related to gambling sites.

But not related to that money.

In this section, even the victim said that it was not related to money.

But the person who is the administrator of the gambling website must already be involved in the deposit and withdrawal of the customer.

As for whether to report charges as well or not

under investigation

must be separate cases

It's not that an injured person commits an offense and will not be prosecuted.

But it is not currently considered at this stage because of the importance of assault and robbery.

Related to the rank of police officer

Police Lieutenant Colonel is collecting evidence.

He has not yet been summoned for interrogation.

If evidence is found, legal action must be taken.

One of the lawsuits also said that

For the behavior of the perpetrators who took the victim's property from the condominium in the area of ​​Chok Chai Police Station, the victim wishes to file a complaint with the police for robbery at Chok Chai Police Station. The case has been collected in 2 areas: Chok Chai Police Station, Bangkok and the area. Samet Sub-district, Chonburi Province, all of which are continuous incidents

same case

As for the victim's phone taken by the perpetrator

Will the data on the device be deleted?

have a possibility

But officials still do not know the intentions of this group.

because it has not yet been summoned to investigate

And will speed up investigating victims and collecting evidence

to issue an arrest warrant for joint robbery with those involved

It is expected to be released soon.

Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, deputy commander in chief of the police, revealed that the preliminary investigation results

from the evidence and testimony of the victim


Police officer with the rank of Police Major General

Is involved with online gambling websites

and carrying real physical abuse

but in what manner

In the process of investigating and waiting to interrogate the accused, it was reported that on February 6, the past

The aforementioned unsolved investigation set took the victim to the area to see the actual location.

The spot was picked up in the parking lot of a department store in Chonburi before being attacked at a car care shop.

One of the areas of Samet Police Station, Muang District, Chonburi as well, to point out the point of being picked up by a car.

Including collecting evidence of CCTV footage in the said mall

Records the incident as Mr. A walks behind a tall, tall man.

wearing a bright shirt

Went to get in a black Mazda sedan, unknown model, registration JK 9805, Chonburi of January 12, was an important evidence of the case.