Home Minister Amit Shah targeted Tipra Motha


Only a few days are left for the elections to be held in Tripura.

In such a situation, all the parties in the state are trying their best to woo the voters.

Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Amit Shah lashed out at the new party, Tipra Motha, accusing it of being in league with the CPM and the Congress.

Amit Shah said at a rally in Santirbazar, "Earlier Congress and Communists were fighting and this time, Congress and Communists have come together and this time Tipra Motha is also with them.

During this, Home Minister Amit Shah said, "I want to say to my tribal brothers and sisters - do not fall into the trap of those who want to get your votes by making false promises, they are with the communists. If there is any progress for the tribals can bring, then it is only BJP and Narendra Modi, no one else except him," to which Tipra Motha chief Pradyot Kishore Debbarma reacted sharply.

Quoting Amit Shah's speech, Pradyot Kishore Debbarma said, "I would like to tell one thing to the home minister of our country. This Manikya clan does not bow down to anyone and is not anyone's B-team. You have my grandfather Maharaja Bir." Took the name of Bikram, you must understand that Bir Bikram's grandson will not sell his land, his people to anyone. And we are not anyone's B-team."

Along with this, he said that BJP is a B-team in Nagaland.

In Meghalaya, Shillong and Garo Hills, they are the B-team of some other party.

You are the B-team of some other party in Mizoram.

In Tamil Nadu, you are the B-team of the AIADMK.

You are the B-team of the Akali Dal in Punjab.

BJP is the B-team of many parties in India.

Tipra Motha is a small party.

This party does not bow down or compromise." 

With this he said, "If we were really a B-Team then why do you invite us to Delhi for talks? There was no deal, no agreement and that's why you are calling us B-Team? This party BJP will defeat CPM and Congress in 2023."

Tipra Motha is growing at the expense of the tribal support base of the BJP and its ally IPFT, apparently pushing the BJP on the backfoot. being seen.

If BJP and IPFT do not get a clear majority, then Tipra Motha may emerge as the new kingmaker.

The party has won 18 out of 30 seats, performing well in the district council elections in tribal areas in 2021.

Debbarma is known as 'Bubagara' or 'Maharaja' among the locals and has been vocal for the rights of the indigenous Tripuri people in the state.

His newly formed political party has entered the political fray with the basic demand of Greater Tipperaland.

His party has also promised to fulfill the long pending demands of the tribal council administration.

The party is also contesting on several non-tribal seats, making it a contender in these elections. 

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