The largest earthquake in Turkey and Syria in the past century hit the two countries hard, and the runway of Hatay Airport was split in half.

(taken from Dileep kumar khatri twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The largest earthquake in Turkey and Syria in the past 100 years hit the two countries hard. Not only the natural gas pipeline in Hatay Province (Hatay) on the border between the two countries was blasted, the runway of Hatay Airport, Reyhanlı area (Reyhanlı) The expressway was also unbearably squeezed by the strong earthquake and cracked and bulged in an instant, and flights have been completely suspended.

According to Turkish aviation news AirportHaber, the runway at Hatay Airport was ruptured due to the strong earthquake, so all flights were suspended, and airport staff continued to work inside.

AirportHaber uploaded the airport video showing that the original runway was split in two, and the crack in the middle was half the height of an adult man.

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In addition, Turkish reporter Ragıp Soylu posted a photo on Twitter of the highway in the Reyhanli area of ​​Hatay province being shattered by the strong earthquake. It can be seen that the section of the road has swelled and collapsed, and almost no place is flat, and cars can be seen stuck on the raised road in the distance.

Rahmi Doğan, governor of Hatay Province, said that many local infrastructures were damaged, including the state hospital, the police station, and the runway of the airport was also damaged, and the landing of aircraft would be affected.

The authorities urgently set up a temporary headquarters in the backyard of the gendarmerie to gather all units for disaster relief and follow-up operations.

7,4 şiddetindeki deprem sonrası Hatay Havalimanı'nın pisti bu hale geldi.

— AirportHaber (@AirportHaber) February 6, 2023

Runway in Hatay airport per social media reports. CNNTurk says the airport is damaged

— Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) February 6, 2023

The highway in the Reyhanlı region of Turkey was damaged by the earthquake.

(Taken from Who? Twitter)