Mae Fah Luang Police Station Investigation Team

Intercepting pickup trucks carrying drugs

Over 4 million methamphetamine tablets tucked into straw sacks, 133 kilograms of ice

On February 5, 2023, Lt. Col. Nitithorn Kornsawan, deputy police officer of Mae Fah Luang Police Station, Chiang Rai Province, led a patrol team to set up an extraction point on the border road.

Ban Pa Yang Akha Intersection, Village No. 16, Mae Fah Luang Subdistrict, Mae Fah Luang District, Chiang Rai Province, found a 4-door blue Isuzu pickup truck registered in Chiang Rai.

Drive from Ban Huai Pu route, Moo 11, Mae Fah Luang Sub-district, Mae Fah Luang District, Chiang Rai Province, coming close to the extraction point.

The said pickup truck suddenly stopped.

and quickly drive back and flee

The officer then drives a car to chase after him.

Found that the pickup truck lost control and fell on the side of the road, 100 meters from the checkpoint, while the driver disappeared.

The car keys are still plugged in.

When he searched inside the car, he found many sacks of straw.

And at the back of the pick-up truck, there is a sliding cover that hides a lot of similar straw sacks.

So bring the car to inspect at

Mae Fah Luang Police Station

Found 23 sacks of methamphetamine contained in straw sacks, each containing 200,000 tablets, totaling 4,600,000 methamphetamine tablets, and 7 sacks of ice. Inside the sacks were found ice contained in green tea bags.

There is an English letter GUANYIN WANG with Chinese characters in the middle.

Above there are numbers 88888 with 5 stars on top, a total of 133 bags, 1 kg per bag, a total of 133 kg of ice, and found a contract for the purchase of such cars between Ms. Jongkolmee Rattanathinurangkul and Mr. Somporn. Sae Wang, officials will summon him to investigate.

to proceed with legal proceedings