Zhuang Guotai, former director of the China Meteorological Administration.

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[Central News Agency] After the balloon incident, Zhuang Guotai, former director of the China Meteorological Administration, appeared on the list of dismissed officials from the State Council on the 3rd, and was deliberately guided as "resigned for the balloon incident."

However, Zhuang Guotai was transferred to the chairmanship of Gansu Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in January, which was tantamount to a promotion, and the "responsibility to step down" said that it would be self-defeating.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, Xinhua News Agency released the list of "appointment and removal of state functionaries" of the State Council of China.

These include the appointment of Zhang Yuzhuo as the director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the dismissal of Hao Peng and Xu Lin from the positions of director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and other personnel transfers.

But in the list, Zhuang Guotai's removal from the position of director of the China Meteorological Administration has attracted a lot of attention.

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After Chinese reconnaissance balloons invaded U.S. airspace, China claimed that the "unmanned airship" came from China and that it was "civilian in nature and used for scientific research such as meteorology."

Affected by the westerly belt and "limited self-control ability", it seriously deviated from the scheduled route.

The news that Zhuang Guotai was dismissed from the position of Director of the Meteorological Bureau was forwarded by many Chinese netizens.

In addition to being reposted on a large scale, some Chinese political network writers also expressed their opinions while reposting, claiming that Zhuang Guotai's dismissal from the post of the Meteorological Bureau is an act of "responsibility" by the Chinese side, and that Zhuang Guotai was "wrongly drifted in" for the balloon The United States is responsible for stepping down, showing signs of manipulation.

In addition, some foreign media also issued a report on the 5th that Beijing announced the removal of Zhuang Guotai as the head of the Meteorological Bureau after the balloon incident, which made some netizens deepen the impression that Zhuang Guotai stepped down because of the balloon incident.

The position of head of the China Meteorological Administration is at the vice-ministerial level.

However, after comparison, it was found that the Chinese media reported as early as January 11 that the CPPCC Gansu Provincial Committee held a cadre meeting on the same day, and Hu Changsheng, Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, announced the decision to adjust the leadership positions of the Provincial CPPCC, and Zhuang Guotai took over as the party secretary of the Provincial CPPCC.

On January 18, Zhuang Guotai was elected as the chairman of the Gansu Provincial Political Consultative Conference according to the law, and became a ministerial-level official, which was tantamount to a promotion.

Some Chinese netizens directly pointed out that the traces of this operation are too obvious, and the unknown foreign media followed suit, which made the person in charge succeed for a while, intending to convince the majority of Chinese netizens that Zhuang Guotai was "accounted for" because of the balloon incident. "And stepped down.

In fact, "He has already gone to other provinces to get promoted."