February 6 of every year is "Muay Thai Day" to emphasize the importance of ancient martial arts to become the soft power of the nation.

The origin of "Thai Boxing Day" is set by the government to fall on February 6 of every year, which coincides with the day of King Sanphet VIII or King Suea's accession to the throne.

His Majesty the King's ability in Muay Thai

and pass on the art of Muay Thai to the next generation

to be a valuable cultural heritage of the nation until today

including from the policy of

army commander

who want to promote Muay Thai as a national sport and a heritage of the Thai nation

Muay Thai is a martial art for self-defense of Thai people since ancient times.

as appearing in history and chronicles for all ages

It is the use of 9 weapons of the body, known as the weapon, including 2 hands / 2 feet / 2 knees / 2 elbows and 1 head effectively.

It is one of the oldest types of martial arts in the world.

From this importance

Ministry of Culture

by the Department of Cultural Promotion

therefore announced the registration of Muay Thai

It is a national intangible cultural heritage on July 30, 2010, which is an important measure in promoting awareness of the value of honoring the knowledge and wisdom of the ancestors.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture

by the Department of Cultural Promotion

in conjunction with the private sector that operates on Muay Thai

and other related agencies

There was a unanimous resolution to jointly push for the establishment of Muay Thai Day.

By carefully considering the various proposals, finally agreeing that the day of King Sanphet 8 (King Suea)'s ascension to the throne is February 6 as Muay Thai Day.

(The day he ascended to the throne falls on February 6, 2245), because there is clear historical evidence.

Somdet Phra Sanphet VIII is a monarch whose prowess in Muay Thai is evident:

  • King Sanphet VIII was the only monarch who went out to box with ordinary people.

  • King Sanphet VIII was a monarch who was very talented in Muay Thai.

    thinks in the mother's posture

    Thai boxing sticks came up as a unique style for His Majesty, called "Thai boxing according to the King Suea recipe" and has been passed down as a textbook of Muay Thai to the next generation until today.

  • King Sanphet VIII was a monarch who used the art of Muay Thai to protect the kingdom from being colonized by foreigners.

  • For this reason, the Cabinet approved on 3 May 2011 designating 6 February of every year as "Muay Thai Day".

    For February 6, 2023, the Army joins the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), Ministry of Culture.

    And Prachuap Khiri Khan Province organizes the Amazing Muaythai Festival 2023 at the Rajabhakti Park area.

    Including the Suan Son Pradiphat Royal Thai Army Rehabilitation and Rest Center, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

    to promote martial arts or

    “Mae Mai Muay Thai” is one of the Soft Power Kingdom of Thailand.

    that reflects the Thai identity that is spread around the world

    Today's activities include an ancient Muay Thai dance that continues internationally, an ancient Muay Thai performance combining Thai soldiers, and joining forces to maneuver the Thai flag in remembrance of Phra Chao Sua.

    and the art of Wai Kru Muay Thai by the Royal Thai Army personnel, amounting to 3,660 officers.

    in front of the ancient King's monument

    and set a world record (Guinness world records)

    Pictured: Chutimon Muangsuwan