Former Defense Secretary Paneda pointed out that if the US knows the movement of the balloon, it must be prevented from "entering US airspace".

(Associated Press)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The United States shot down a Chinese spy balloon on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina on the 4th, which aroused international attention. After the incident came to an end, the US Republican Party questioned the slow handling of the Biden administration, as if showing weakness to China , In addition, some Democrats raised doubts.

Leon Panetta, who served as Secretary of Defense and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during the Obama administration, pointed out that if the US knows the movement of the balloon, it must prevent it from "entering US airspace" and must take action as soon as possible.

According to the US "CNN" report, Paneda said: "If we know about this balloon, I think we should take some measures to prevent it from entering US airspace. Sensitive military sites," I don't see any logic in that."

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Regarding the timing of shooting down the balloon, US President Biden mentioned that he ordered the shooting down of the balloon on February 1, but because he was worried that the wreckage of the balloon might affect the safety of people and property after landing, he did not release the balloon until it floated to the coast on the 4th. its shot down.

Paneda said that he can understand this argument, but he believes that action should be taken as soon as possible. In the future, it is necessary to make it clear to China that "similar incidents cannot happen again."

Paneda mentioned that if Biden was more open and transparent to Americans in the decision-making process, he would face less criticism.

"I think the American people have a right to know exactly what our adversaries are doing," Paneda said.