Greater Noida:

At the Loharli toll plaza on NH-91 passing through Kotwali Dadri in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, there was a fierce fight between the local citizens and the toll personnel when the toll personnel stopped the driver of the Santro car.

After the fight started, other people also came on the spot.

They also thrashed the toll personnel and security personnel.  

Here, the whole incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed at the toll.

The Santro car driver escaped by breaking the barrier while showing bullying.

Along with this, his accomplices also fled when the police reached the spot.

At present, the police is investigating the matter.

In the said case, 03 persons involved in the assault have been detained by Police Station Dadri after registering charges, necessary action is being taken in advance.



The pictures captured in the camera of the toll plaza are telling how first there was a tussle between the local people and the toll employees and then a fight broke out in no time.

Toll Plaza Manager Mukesh Kumar told that on the day of coming to toll, bullies keep on fighting. 

He told that on Monday morning at around 11:30 a car came at the toll, from which the toll personnel asked for the toll.

Regarding this, the car rider started misbehaving with the toll personnel.

That's why many other bullies came with him.

They took out sticks and beat up toll plaza manager Rajinikanth and security manager Shyamveer. 

A complaint has been made to the Dadri police.

Toll Plaza Manager Mukesh Kumar told that even before this, incidents of fighting by the bullies are happening here, for which complaints have also been made to the top police officials.

But no action was taken against the bullies.

Due to this, the incidents of fighting are happening continuously. 

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