Venerable Hsing Yun (right) passed away yesterday (5th). Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai (left) praised him as the glory of Kaohsiung and an elder respected by all sentient beings.

(Taken from Chen Qimai's Facebook page)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] Master Xingyun, the founding patriarch of Fo Guang Shan, passed away yesterday (5th) at the age of 97. Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai will go to Fo Guang Shan at 11 o'clock this morning to commemorate his memory. He expressed his condolences on Facebook in the morning and praised Xing Yun " It is the glory of Kaohsiung, and it is an elder respected by all sentient beings!" The Kaohsiung Municipal Government has set up a task force to cooperate with related funeral work.

In August last year, Master Hsing Yun celebrated his 96th birthday. Chen Qimai made a special trip to Fo Guang Shan to offer his blessings to Hsing Yun, emphasizing that Fo Guang Shan is the pillar of Kaohsiung City.

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The news of Venerable Hsing Yun's death came out last night. Chen Qimai will go to Fo Guang Shan at 11:00 this morning to commemorate and remember him.

Chen Qimai also expressed his condolences on Facebook in the morning. Master Hsing Yun, the founding patriarch of Fo Guang Shan and the founder of the International Buddha Light Association, reported his passing away. For funeral related work, the secretary-general acts as the convener and fully assists in funeral affairs.

He emphasized that Master Hsing Yun founded Fo Guang Shan and was also the founder of the International Buddha Light Association. With his lifelong efforts, he founded Fo Guang Shan in Ma Zhuyuan, Dashu Township, Kaohsiung in 1967, and established the concept of "promoting Buddhism through culture, cultivating talents through education, and cultivating talents through charity". Welfare the society, and purify people's hearts through joint cultivation." Four purposes.

The master is not only the glory of Kaohsiung, but also an elder respected by all living beings. He always hears the voice to save and take care of all living beings when they are facing suffering.

Chen Qimai said that in the past, when he approached Master Hsing Yun, he not only continued to care about his physical condition, but also thanked him for caring about the society and giving advice with harmonious compassion and wisdom.

Master devoted his whole life to promoting humanistic Buddhism, stabilizing people's hearts, and enhancing positive forces in society. He also spared no effort in Buddhism, culture, education, and charity to make society more peaceful.

In addition, Kaohsiung City Council Chairman Kang Yu-Cheng also expressed his condolences, saying that Venerable Hsing Yun is committed to promoting humanistic Buddhism, soothing people's hearts with religious power, working hard to promote a peaceful society, and becoming an important force for stabilizing Taiwan society.

"Master Hsing Yun perfected all virtues and returned home with the wind, leaving behind his contribution to Buddhism and society, which will also be remembered forever by the world."