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"It was very scary, I never thought that I could experience such horror," Plovdiv lawyer Suzana Alekova, who was in a hotel in Diyarbekir that night - about 300 km from the epicenter of the devastating earthquake, said "24 hours" ago.

The tremor was very strong there and there were many victims.

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The earthquake in Turkey and Syria 68

Alekova was on a short family holiday with friends in Diyarbekir and Mardin, the weather was very nice, on Friday it was 14-15 degrees.

However, on Saturday morning it snowed and the authorities canceled all flights for 2 days.

"So we stayed to live this nightmare. We checked into a hotel in Diyarbakır. After 4 o'clock in the morning we woke up, everything was shaking, the whole building was shaking. We got dressed in a hurry, the cash register fell on the door, that's how strong the earthquake was. The electricity went out , we found it difficult to find the stairs, because from the fallen plaster everything was in dust, literally fog. We managed to get down and stood for hours outside in the cold," Alekova describes the experience.

According to her, there were about fifty aftershocks by noon.

Another strong earthquake followed. 

A Bulgarian in Turkey told about the horror and announced: We are afraid!

"There are many dead. One nephew of our friend died under the rubble of a building and the other is in a very serious condition. People were clearing the ruins with their bare hands to look for survivors, everyone was helping each other, ambulances and fire engines were flying, the organization is very good , but the victims are many," added Suzana Alekova. 

In the end, her family managed to move to Istanbul, where they will spend the night, and hope to fly to Plovdiv tomorrow. 

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria