In Russia, in the Omsk region, a camel killed an aggressive Russian man who tried to beat him.

The videos quickly went viral.

The released footage shows how a man approached the animal and hit it on the face.

In response, the camel did not tolerate the Russian's abuse, but grabbed his hand, causing the offender to fall to the ground.

— GM_Goose (@goose_gm) February 4, 2023

The man died from his injuries.

Netizens have already had time to react to the published video.

Egypt unveils new aid package

— Robert Zeltinsh (@RobertZeltinsh) February 5, 2023

We will remind, the former Olympic champion and alleged mistress of the dictator Putin 

, Alina Kabaeva

 , compared the work of Russian propagandists to a "Kalashnikov assault rifle". 

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