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New Delhi:

The US Embassy in India has announced that some visa applicants will now be able to book appointments in other countries as well.

This step has been taken to reduce the number of backlogs as well as earn a waiting period of up to 800 days for US visas at some centers in India. 

Important information related to the case:

  • The US Embassy said on Sunday that Indians applying for business or tourist visas will be able to apply for appointments at embassies or consulates outside India. 

  • "Will you be traveling internationally in the coming days? If so, you can get a visa appointment at the US Embassy or Consulate in your destination," US Embassy India tweeted. Has opened B1/B2 appointment capacity for Indians living in Thailand in the coming months."

  • Citing the name of Thailand as an example, the Embassy said that B1/B2 appointment capacity has been opened for Indians here.

  • The US has also announced several other initiatives to reduce the backlog in visa appointments, including increasing consular staff strength and conducting special interviews for first-time applicants.

  • During the Covid pandemic, a lot of the staff of US embassies were laid off as the number of applications was less during that period. 

  • India is one of the very few countries that saw an increase in applications for US visas after travel restrictions related to the coronavirus were lifted.

    The US has announced that it will recruit more personnel by the summer of this year. 

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