According to the article on evading mobilization, Ukrainian courts issue acquittals.

Such a case happened in Cherkasy region, where the court acquitted a man who did not come to the military commissariat when he was called.

This is reported in the register of court decisions.

Last year, the man, who has the military rank of private, passed the military medical commission, which found him fit for military service.

An employee of the military commissariat called him and told him to come with his belongings to the TCC and SP to be sent to the military unit.

The man said that he was going to come, but they called him again and said that he no longer needed to go anywhere.

Employees of the Military Commissariat say that after the first call they could not reach him.

Before that, he was served with a summons, but on other dates.

Regarding the conscript, the law enforcement officers opened criminal proceedings under Art.

336 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

After considering the case, the court noted that during mobilization, citizens are obliged to report to military units or assembly points within the time limits specified in the documents they received (mobilization orders, summonses of heads of TCCs and SPs). 

However, the conscript was called up in a different way than is defined by the law.

In this connection, the court acquitted the conscript. 



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