France and Italy will provide Ukraine with air defense systems.

We are talking about the SAMP/T-Mamba air defense system, for which the Ukrainian military was specially sent abroad for training.


Air Force of the Armed Forces

informs about this.

Allies promise air defense systems after the Ukrainian military has completed training.

According to the plan, it should take place in the spring.

The commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Mykola Oleschuk thanked the governments of France and Italy for making such a decision.

It provides for the provision of the air defense/pro SAMP/T-Mamba system to our state.

These installations will strengthen the defense of our skies against possible threats from Russia.

Oleschuk admitted that he is looking forward to the Ukrainian defenders, because in the spring they will return "not empty-handed", but with the necessary knowledge and skills and the SAMP/T-Mamba attitude.

We will remind that the


in the war against Russia will help Ukraine to create a multi-level integrated defense system to close our skies from enemy missiles and drones.

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