Ukraine is expecting a possible major Russian offensive in February, but the Ukrainian Defense Forces have the reserves to contain it even if not all Western military aid arrives in time.

This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine during a press conference on Sunday, February 5.

According to him, Russia may launch a new attack for "symbolic" reasons around the first anniversary of its invasion.

However, its resources are not ready from a military point of view.

"No matter what, we expect a possible Russian offensive in February.

This is only from the point of view of symbolism, it is not logical from a military point of view.

Because not all their resources are ready.

But they do it anyway," said the minister.

Reznikov emphasized that there is no need to panic due to fear of a Russian attack from an "unexpected" side.

"When it becomes clear that they [the occupiers] have formed shock formations, when and where and in what place, the General Staff will know this very well. Therefore, please, Sumy, Chernihiv, go to the map and see that there are no shock groups on that side," — he explained.

The defense minister noted that the offensive would likely be launched in the east, where Russia is trying to seize the entire industrialized Donbas region, or in the south, where it wants to expand its land corridor to the occupied Crimean peninsula.

At the same time, he assured that the Armed Forces are ready to repel the aggressor even if not all Western military aid arrives on time. 

"Not all Western weapons will arrive on time. But we are ready. We have created our resources and reserves that we can deploy and with the help of which we can deter the offensive," said Reznikov.

We will remind you that the Russians are increasingly actively preparing for a new large-scale offensive against Ukraine before the anniversary of the full-scale war.

Where and when the occupiers can attack - read in the material of

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