There was a large-scale accident at an electrical substation in the region - after numerous enemy hits, the repaired transformer could not withstand the load.

There was a fire, due to the fire, even the critical infrastructure of the city and part of the region remained without power for some time, TSN reports. 

While the news is disappointing - 300,000 residents of Odessa and Odesa are without electricity.

Currently, all the efforts of energy workers are aimed at providing people with electricity, at least according to the "2 by 8" scheme.

That is, 2 hours - with light, eight - without.

This task is the maximum for those who eliminate the consequences.

Let's hope for the best, because the situation is extremely difficult, and the prospects, say energy experts, are not too optimistic.

This time, the blackout occurred due to two accidents at energy facilities that happened during the day.

The first was eliminated quite quickly, but the second caused a large-scale fire.

Even critical infrastructure was left without power.

The equipment, Ukrenergo explains, simply could not withstand the load due to permanent damage.

"Since October 10, and especially in the last two months, all three substations that supply the city of Odesa and the Odesa region have been damaged.

We lost a lot of equipment as a result of these attacks," says Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, head of NEC Ukrenergo. 

Residents of Odesa met this blackout already well prepared.

After the last shelling, people lived in conditions of emergency shutdowns for 9 days.

But, they admit, it is difficult.

The worst is for residents of high-rise buildings, many of which have no electricity or heat.

"It still puts a lot of pressure on me.

I have everything connected to electricity, so mold appears and it's cold," says Kostiantyn from Odessa.

In order for at least the critical infrastructure to work without stops, 65 powerful generators are sent to Odesa from all corners of Ukraine.

The good news is that there is water supply and heat.

Trains run according to schedule, all "Points of Invincibility" are in effect.

But it is already obvious that the coming days will be extremely difficult and the restrictions on electricity supply will be significant.

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