This was stated by "VoenTV" on February 5, the First Deputy Chief of Arms of the Armed Forces of Belarus, Major General Andrei Fedzin.

According to him, "during the last year, a number of modern samples of military equipment have been supplied to the Armed Forces": "I would like to single out the R-414MBRP radio relay station, the software and hardware complexes "Kondar", the air situation radio monitoring complex "Ragneda" among the samples of domestic production. modern means of reconnaissance, surveillance, aiming, hardware and software complexes for combating unmanned aerial vehicles."

According to him, Russian-made weapons were also delivered to the troops: BTR-82A armored personnel carriers, Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile system battery, S-400 anti-aircraft missile system regimental set and Iskander operational-tactical missile system were put on combat duty.

Fedin claims that the states bordering Belarus are "constantly increasing the pace and scale of armaments": "We are monitoring this situation, keeping our finger on the pulse.

In the current situation, we must respond adequately to the development of weapons systems in foreign countries by countering their capabilities and capabilities.

The basis of the work is the principle of reasonable sufficiency."

  • Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly stated that Belarus is participating in a "special military operation" in Ukraine, supporting Russia in every possible way, but "not killing anyone."

    This is the term used by the Russian, and the Belarusian leadership, after it, to call the full-scale war against the Ukrainian people, which the Russian Federation started on February 24 of last year.

    At the same time, Lukashenka directly calls the conflict unleashed by Russia a war.

  • The authorities in Minsk deny the participation of the Belarusian army in hostilities on the side of the Russian Federation, at the same time, the territory of Belarus was actively used by the Russian army to attack Ukraine from the beginning of the invasion, as well as in separate periods later.