If the Armed Forces of Ukraine withdraw from Vugledar, then the entire defense will have to be rebuilt.

Yevhen Nazarenko, press officer of the 68th separate hunting brigade, told

Channel 24 

about this  .

"The Ugledar is of great strategic importance for the Armed Forces."

It is impossible to lose the city, because then the entire defense will have to be rebuilt," he said.

Nazarenko said that Vugledar is an important strategic point, as it is a commanding height.

In particular, it can be seen from 15 kilometers away. 

"And also to withdraw from the positions we occupy, because it will not be profitable to simply stand under them so that they look at us. They will control, although not all, but a lot of our logistical routes, and this would make it difficult to carry out the task precisely on this section of the front," noted the press officer of the 68th separate hunting brigade.

Let's add

, the past day in many regions of Ukraine were shelled, which Russia does not stop carrying out

The situation in the regions as of February 5, according to regional state administrations. 

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