Russian opposition leader Oleksandr Nevzorov believes that Putin will not stop the war against Ukraine, because now it is "the only thing he has left". 

"Gordon" writes about it. 

Nevzorov believes that Putin will never admit that the war against Ukraine was a mistake, because this requires courage, which is not a characteristic of a dictator.

And that's why Putin will throw as many Russians into the war as he wants to keep the hostilities going.

Even if it takes a million dead.

The Russian dictator will continue the bloody war at any cost. 

"Do you remember, before February, he had a funny, funny suit? An average, very complicated, cunning, sneaky, but such a cunning guy with whom you can negotiate. And he walked around the stage of international relations in this suit. But in February, he burned this little suit. He dressed for war. He is dressed for this war. And if it does not happen - he will appear in front of the whole world limp, naked, dead... This is the only thing he has. He eats war, he drinks war, he is dressed in it. Therefore, he will continue it completely contrary to any common sense," said Nevzorov.

We will remind, Dan Rice, special adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, said that a new Russian attack on Ukraine will probably take place in the spring, but the invaders will not succeed. 

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