The enemy shelled Hesonshchyna and the regional center half a hundred times a day.

There are dead and wounded, the occupiers are just aiming at residential buildings.

Shells break whole floors and hit construction supermarkets.

One of them burned down after hitting "Hradiv", the occupiers are terrorizing Kherson and getting worse, says TSN. 

Nina Mykhailivna and Petro Ivanovych left the house to go to the store, and the shelling caught them on the street.

152 two-millimeter projectile flew right into their apartment on the 7th floor.

"The kitchen was destroyed the most, you can't stay in the apartment, communications are cut off, water was flowing, flooding the entire apartment," says the hostess. 

Now they are homeless and on the street, wondering where to spend the night and how to live on.

Every day, the occupiers shoot Kherson with heavy calibers.

"There was a flight to the corner of the house in this area, they were on that side of the house, they thought it was protected by houses.

For the first time from the yard to the corner of the playground," says Ihor from Kherson. 

Two shells fell in the morning just in the courtyard of the high-rise buildings on the children's playground.

It's just a miracle that no one died.

The blast wave and rolling stones smashed everything around - both concrete walls and windows.

Igor was just sitting in the kitchen when glass fell on him.

"I was just having breakfast at this place, sitting in the yard, an explosion rang out, when I came to my senses, I took out the fragment, it flew over my ear... My second birthday," the man is convinced. 

Despite the request of the city authorities to evacuate, people leave reluctantly.

There are still residents in the houses, who simply survive under endless shelling at their own peril and risk.

Every day and every night, somewhere in the city, houses and private enterprises are burning and destroyed, people are dying.

The occupiers are simply terrorizing the locals so that they leave their homes and leave.

A construction supermarket is on fire on the outskirts of Kherson, rescuers risked their lives for more than 7 hours to put out the fire.

"This object suffered very serious destruction, a massive fire broke out for extinguishing, which involved 9 units of equipment and about forty rescuers.

The difficulties were that we had to work in the conditions of repeated shelling", - say the rescuers. 

All the shopping areas in the market burned down with the store, and not much was saved.

People who still had a job until morning simply lost it.

No one has any idea where he will fly tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the number of shelling of the city and its surroundings is only increasing. 

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