The Miaoli City Hall will hold a ceremony to transform the dragon back to heaven on the evening of the 7th.

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[Reporter Zhang Xunteng/Miaoli Report] The finale of the Miaoli Fireside Dragon series, the ceremony of "Returning the Dragon to Heaven" will be held at Jiasheng Wuwenchang Temple at 10:00 p.m. on February 7. After the entire event has been successfully completed, Yigu At the ceremony, a sign was played to thank the dragon for descending to the earth, and the dragon transformed the god to invite the god back to heaven, wishing everyone smooth and safe.

The Miaoli Police Sub-bureau pointed out that in order to cope with the crowds of people going to watch the car, relevant control measures will be implemented around the venue (Jiafu Street and Jiasheng Street) from 9:00 pm to 0:00 on the 7th. Guidance, please also take relevant epidemic prevention measures.

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The Miaoli Police Sub-bureau reminds people who want to go to watch, please park their vehicles according to the instructions, and do not park in violation of regulations to hinder traffic order.

Miaoli City (beside the fire) dragon event, "Turning the Dragon Back to Heaven" on the evening of the 7th, Miaoli police will implement traffic control at the venue.

(Provided by Miaoli Police Station)