Hollywood actress

Megan Fox

sometimes really surprises fans with her behavior.

The "Transformers" star and her fiance, musician Machine Gun Kelly, were guests at the annual Grammy Awards party.

However, Megan appeared at the event not just in a spectacular outfit, but with serious injuries. 

Photo: instagram.com/meganfox

The actress shared photos on Instagram and said that she broke her wrist and suffered a concussion the day before.

However, for the photo, Fox still took off the plastic cast from her hand.

Megan refrained from commenting on what exactly caused such injuries. 

"Off the plane, with a broken wrist and a concussion, straight to the Grammy party," the star wrote. 

Photo: instagram.com/meganfox

By the way, for the party itself, Megan chose a long satin dress of bright red color with a bustier, which successfully emphasized the actress's forms.

The star completed her look with silver jewelry and styling.

Machine Gun actress Kelly's beau wore a classic black suit over a white turtleneck embroidered with silver embellishments.

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