Venerable Xingyun, the founder of Fo Guang Shan, passed away this afternoon at the age of 97.

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[Reporter Fang Zhixian/Kaohsiung Report] Venerable Hsing Yun, the founding patriarch of Fo Guang Shan, passed away this afternoon (5th) at the age of 97.

In recent years, Xing Yun has been hospitalized for stroke many times. In addition to his advanced age, his brain has shrunk and degenerated, and he can't even recognize the members of the medical team. After being rescued, he unexpectedly passed away this afternoon at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Hospital. The believers were shocked and saddened.

Xing Yun was born on August 19, 1927, and became a monk as a child.

The common name is Li Guoshen, the Dharma name is Jinjue, the Dharma name is Wuche, and his own name is Xingyun.

Born in Jiangdu County, Jiangsu Province, China, a Chinese Buddhist monk and scholar, is the 48th generation descendant of the Linji Sect, the founder of Fo Guang Shan and the founder of the International Fo Guang Association.

He is currently the honorary president of the International Buddha's Light Association and the honorary president of the World Buddhist Friendship Association.

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Master Xingyun has suffered from high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids for a long time. In October 2011, he was hospitalized due to ischemic stroke. At that time, because the Buddha Memorial Hall was rushing to work, Xingyun was busy supervising the work and had a stroke. In December of the same year, he was suspected of being overworked , and suddenly left hand and foot weakness, seek medical examination for cerebral vascular sclerosis combined with right frontal lobe ischemic stroke, the condition is stable after treatment.

In October 2016, he vomited and drowsy again. After being examined by the Chang Gung medical team in Kaohsiung, he was found to have had a stroke again. An emergency operation was performed to remove the blood clot, which saved his life.

After being hospitalized for multiple strokes, Nebula has seldom performed publicly in recent years.

It is reported that at the beginning of last year he was hospitalized for kidney dialysis due to illness. Due to his advanced age, his condition was unstable. During this period, he appeared in critical situations several times. After emergency rescue by the medical team, he recovered.

In his speech before his death, Xing Yun mentioned that he has been practicing how to deal with death. He said that for many years, he has not been greedy or seeking for the world. Reluctant to die, and also afraid of the situation after death, she slowly previewed the situation after death, kept practicing, and felt that she would not be so nervous about death.