China's spy balloon violation of U.S. airspace has sparked international debate.

(Associated Press)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] China's spy balloon violation of US airspace has sparked international heated discussions. In recent days, many countries have reported that they have witnessed similar balloons, including Japan.

A Japanese scholar recently told the Japanese media that a mysterious "white UFO (unidentified flying object)" also appeared in the sky over Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture three years ago. It is very likely that the UFO at that time came from China, and I appeal to the Japanese government to clarify this matter.

According to the "TBC Tohoku Broadcasting" report, on June 17, 2020, a balloon-shaped "white UFO" appeared over Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. It is reported that the flying object floated over Japan for more than 24 hours at that time. Both the Japan Meteorological Agency and the Self-Defense Force denied it. It is related to the flying object, so as soon as the sighting information came out, it sparked heated discussions on the Internet.

Aside from interviews with aliens, many people were worried that the flying object came from a hostile country. The then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that although no reports of victims were received, the government maintained vigilance and surveillance.

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Today, the flying object similar in appearance to the "white UFO" at that time has been confirmed by the United States as a Chinese spy balloon. The sighting three years ago has recently sparked discussions in Japanese society again.

Makoto Hattori, an associate professor of astronomy at Tohoku University who has analyzed UFOs in Miyagi Prefecture, claimed that the flying objects floating over Japan that year had many similarities with the balloons found in the United States in addition to their appearance, and the hanging objects under the balloons were also the same. He and his team analyzed the flight path of the UFO based on the data of wind force and direction at that time, and believed that the flying object floated over from China. He hoped that the Japanese government could clarify the truth.