Tomorrow, February 6, in the Orthodox calendar

, is the day of memory of Saint Xenia of Rome


She lived in the 5th century and was the daughter of a Roman senator.

At a very young age, the girl decided that she would remain a virgin, would not marry, and instead would dedicate her whole life to God.

So that her father would not be angry, she left home with two female slaves.

They went to Alexandria, where they met the abbot of the holy abode of Apostle Andrew (Milassi).

Ksenia went there, bought a plot of land and built a church.

Then she founded a monastery where she became a deaconess.

Ksenia is glorified as a saint who helped lead many souls away from sin.

She always tried to help the needy by deed or prayer.

She preached Christianity and was engaged in charity work.

In honor of the saint, on February 6, the people celebrate the holiday

of Ksenia Napivhlibnytsia


Signs of February 6

Folk signs on February 6 / Photo: Pexels

  • the weather on February 6 indicates what spring will be like;

  • if there is no wind, then the second half of July will be dry and hot;

  • February 6 blizzard - spring will come late;

  • the clouds are high and thin - soon a thaw will come.

What can't be done tomorrow

On February 6, they tried not to tie knots, because it could cause trouble and bring death.

It was believed that dreams against February 6 are ambiguous, they can come true, but on the contrary.

And you can't tell anyone about them, because otherwise nothing will happen.

What can be done tomorrow

Half of winter had already passed by this date, so the peasants began to check their bread stocks.

It was believed that before the new harvest there should be as much bread as was already eaten.

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