Singer and volunteer

Dasha Astafieva

showed fans what she looked like as a child.

The star shared an archive photo on her Instagram page.

Not everyone immediately managed to recognize the future celebrity, because in the photo Dasha posed with a short hairstyle.

In the archival footage, the singer was sitting next to a friend and holding a black dog in her arms. 

Dasha Astafieva / Photo:

"The secret of adult life is that you actually love and value it. It just keeps getting bigger! Did you recognize the mistress of the carpets in the first photo?", Astaf'eva captioned the photo. 

Dasha also attached to her post a recent photo with her dogs, of which she now has three. 

Dasha Astafieva / Photo:

In the comments to the photos, fans noted that the singer has changed a lot during this time.

And someone remembered his childhood and similar photos on the background of the carpet.

  • I also had such a carpet hanging in my room!

  • I didn't recognize you!

    But this top right away!

  • It's like you're in my childhood home!

  • Dasha, you have become even better!

We will remind you that the singer Jamala also recently shared her childhood photo and showed herself to be 16 years old.

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