It is well known that the situation

Currently, the football league in Thailand is in a downturn, although many teams are rushing to recruit many famous players.

But it will probably be only for the "big" teams only.


Intermediate to small teams

or grassroots team

All affected by the issue of "financial" at all.

All teams hope to receive financial support from the Football Association of Thailand, with Thai League Co., Ltd. as the organizer of the competition.

To bring income as expenses in the operation of the club.

But it seems to be "disappointing".

Thai League 1 from previously received 20 million baht, Thai League 2 teams at 3 million baht, Thai League 3 teams at 700,000 baht each. down to 14 million baht, Thai League 2 down to 2.1 million baht and Thai League 3 down to only 7.5 thousand baht.

Not only had to be paid in four installments, but so far the outstanding "first" disbursement was from last year.

So far, entering the second leg of the 2022/2023 season has not been completed.

That shows the financial situation listed as "dark red".

And it's like misfortune repeating karma.

When the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) has filed two serious charges in the case of money laundering, co-arranging gambling with online lottery companies

"Lottery Plus", which sponsors the Thai Football League 3, which is the lower league.

"Lottery Plus" signed a contract to sponsor the Thai League 3 football competition in September last year, with a financial support of 28 million baht per year on a year-to-year contract.

When the "Lottery Plus Division" is ordered to close, it's even more aggravating!!!

"Big Joe" Patis Supapong, secretary general of the Football Association of Thailand, revealed that he would stop advertising the Plus League lottery first.

because he fears it will fall into the network of gambling advertisements

At the same time, on the official Facebook page of Thai Football League 3, the logo has been changed.

From the original lottery division Plus League returned to THAI LEAGUE 3 SEASON 2022/2023 already.

other effects

or details

Regarding club sponsorships and tournament benefits

Have to wait for the company that takes care of the benefits

The Football Association gives exact information again.

At the same time, "Big Champ" Kornwee Prissanantakul

Acting President of Thai League Co., Ltd. revealed about this matter that he spoke with "Plan B" as a supervisor of rights.

I received an answer that

While the case is not finalized, the original contract will be suspended.

Including in the part of the support, it must also be put on hold.

Usually, the sponsorship money will be received in installments.

“The absence of any one sponsor.

will definitely have an impact

And the situation before this event was already critical.

However, we will have to discuss with Plan B again how to solve the problem.

No one would want all the stories to happen.

Everyone understood this very serious situation.

Only as the Football Association of Thailand, which has "Big Od" Pol. Gen. Somyot Pumpanmuang

sitting as president of the association

would not be able to deny responsibility

because he has a duty to lead the Thai football industry to its destination

to a better point

Including having to be able to solve various problems in order to get through the crisis that must be encountered (sometimes)

but with the current situation

Everything seemed to go even further down.

There are people who want to "disband the team" on a daily basis and believe that from now on there will be many more teams dying.

If the Football Association, including the Thai League Company and the rights administrator

also manage such a slack performance.