Any ritual and rite can be performed during this period, and it is almost always doomed to success.

Experts believe that three days before and three days after

the full moon

are also considered a favorable time for performing rituals .

We have collected for you three simple, but very effective rituals and rites for the full period.

Ritual with a glass to fulfill wishes

Fill the glass with clean water.

It is better to use spring or mineral water for this.

Formulate a wish and dictate it to the water.

Then, put the glass on the window so that the moon is reflected in the water.

If there is no moon, the sky is overcast - imagine the moon filling your water with its light.

Drink the water in the morning, imagining that your wish has already come true.

Rite to improve memory

To improve memory or to better absorb the read material, you can do a special ritual.

At dusk, light a white candle.

Stand near the window so that the light of the moon falls.

Ask the luminary to improve your memory.

Extinguish the candle and put it away until the next use.

A ritual to strengthen femininity

Fill the bathtub with water, scoop some of the water into a glass, transparent vessel and place it for a while on the window so that the light of the moon falls on it.

Then pour this water into the bath, light a white candle and bathe in this water, feeling the energy of the moon pass through you, calming and femininity.

Astrology, tarology, numerology, divination, prophecy, molfarstvo, psychics are not sciences, and predictions are not always 100% fulfilled.

Information is quite often of an entertaining nature, so it should not be taken seriously, but only as a probability of events that every person can become the creator of, if he has the strength of spirit and inspiration to change his life for the better.

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