A senior U.S. defense official says China's fleet of spy balloons has traveled to five continents.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The U.S. military has now shot down a Chinese spy balloon. "abc" reported that a senior defense official pointed out that China has a "fleet" of spy balloons, which have been found over five continents in the past few years, including East Asia and South Asia. ,Europe.

According to the "abc" report, the official said that China has a "fleet" of spy balloons, and another spy balloon flew over Venezuela and Colombia this week.

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The purpose of these spy balloons is to gather intelligence and intrude into other countries operated by the Chinese People's Liberation Army, which violates the sovereignty of other countries, the official said.

In the past few years, Chinese spies have broken into the sky over five continents, including East Asia, South Asia, and Europe.

Spy Balloon near Colombia, MO. My brother said you could see the payload with binoculars pic.twitter.com/FZxM0TOU0M

— EyeDoc (@EyeDoc01419134) February 4, 2023