“In the 1990s, the divide was perhaps even greater, but then there were two camps.

Now the division is also very serious.

The point is to group the two sides.

The grouping in the last parliament and now is on one side of the Restoration Forces, on the other - of the Reformation Forces, this is what the DSB leader and co-chairman of the "Democratic Bulgaria" coalition said in the studio of the program "On Focus".

"In the previous parliament, the restorationist forces had a majority, why didn't they form a government", asked Atanasov.

Asked to evaluate the activity of the parliament, he announced that he would not allow himself to give a specific assessment, but that the parliament did not complete the most important task - to form a government, he does not rate the 48th National Assembly highly.

"The failure of this parliament was the failure of GERB.

They were the first political force, they saw that the proposed cabinet headed by Prof. Gabrovski received the votes of GERB and DPS", explained the DSB leader.

"We have to move into another phase," he was emphatic.

PP and DB at this stage we are distributing the positions, the parties will decide on their joint appearance.

"There must be a radical change regarding our European membership.

We are not a full member of the EU because we are not a member of Schengen and not a member of the Eurozone.

These two foreign policy priorities will receive a new solution if our new unity gains power," said Atanasov.

Kiril Petkov: PP and DB will be the main core, but we are also attracting quite a few civil organizations

On the possible post-election coalition between BSP, GERB and DPS, which is denied by Boyko Borisov

Boyko Metodiev Borisov is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. He was born on June 13, 1959. Atanasov said that we have seen him change his mind on the same day.

"The problem is something else, it is best for Borisov to stop giving evaluations if he wants to be useful for his party.

He is a kind of millstone of the parliamentary republic today and of his own party.

The fact that GERD cannot get out of isolation is because of him, because of his addictions," said Atanasov.

In response to the question: "With the BSP - no", he answered: "No such spells.

If we cannot agree with the BSP on some foreign policy issues or on internal political topics, on economic matters, of course we cannot be together.

There was no war in the "Petkov" office.

We have not solved the big problem - the fight against corruption.

We have points of common ground on the topic of fighting corruption, but not with GERB".

Atanasov believes that they cannot be forced to form a government for common foreign policy priorities with GERB and DPS.

Boyko Borisov

Democratic Bulgaria

Atanas Atanasov