Sex videos of unmarried couples and officers in the army leaked out. Former National Congress representative Huang Pengxiao believes that the military should protect the victims.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A video of a pair of unmarried couple officers from the Eighth Army Corps wearing military uniforms and having a turmoil in the camp area has recently leaked out. As a result, he was severely punished, but former National Congress representative Huang Pengxiao objected to this. He believed that the military should protect the victims.

Huang Pengxiao said on Facebook today (5th) that when he was having spring wine with several political and military veterans, he talked about the Eighth Army's handling of the sex videos of officers' couples. Everyone was quite dissatisfied. After all, the victimized female officer can say Facing the Internet and various media discussions alone, the military obviously failed to fulfill its duty of protection.

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Huang Pengxiao pointed out that the Eighth Army Corps launched an investigation on two officers and never lenient the loan, which made him feel very disapproving. After all, it is completely a crime for the disseminator to upload private sex videos to the Internet. Therefore, military officer couples should be regarded as Victims of crime, what the military should do is to actively protect their rights and reputation, and provide appropriate psychological counseling, not "investigation and discussion".

Huang Pengxiao believes that the two parties involved are not in the affiliation relationship between the chief and his subordinates. They are single and openly dating, and they are intimate behind closed doors under the free will of your love and my willingness. The love between men and women in the private sphere did not affect the reputation of the army.

Furthermore, there is no military equipment or obvious signs of camps in the film.

Even though he was wearing a military uniform at the time, the person involved obviously did not intentionally make it public. Therefore, the military should not require the person to "incriminate himself."

Huang Pengxiao said that the victimized female officer had explained the situation to the chief, and the confession involved personal privacy, and the military should keep it strictly confidential. Unexpectedly, it made the relevant content public and emphasized that it would be "discussed". The second or even third degree of injury to female officers should be held accountable for those who mishandled it in this regard.

Huang Pengxiao pointed out that Lieutenant General Chen Yulin, the direct superior of the Eighth Army Corps and the director of political warfare of the Army Command, as a female officer, failed to intervene in time to protect the victimized female lieutenant. For dereliction of duty, the National Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan should intervene in the investigation.

Huang Pengxiao believes that in a democratic and open society, the military should also emphasize humanized management. The military should allow members of the military to maintain personal privacy, and respect everything in the private domain regardless of their class.

On the other hand, life in the military is monotonous and tedious. Faced with the emotional and natural needs of men and women, the general public should also encourage the military to adopt humane practices.

Huang Pengxiao emphasized that for non-commissioned officers who have personal dormitories or dormitories, they should respect their private behaviors behind closed doors, and sexual behaviors include masturbation. "Is this also going to be held accountable?"

Huang Pengxiao finally lamented that in fact, when Chiang Kai-shek was young, he used to recruit prostitutes in the military camp of the chief’s old friend Huang Yu, which attracted Huang Yu’s disdain. Together with "review and eliminate?"