Five people were injured in Kharkiv, after the Russians hit the city with S-300 missiles this morning.

One hit a residential building in the middle of the city.

Four residents were injured there, two of them were hospitalized.

Another hit was recorded at the University of Urban Economy, the higher education building suffered significant destruction.

The guard of the institution was injured by fragments of glass, TSN reports. 

"Let's lie down, it's coming.


Everything will fall on you.

In a few minutes, the second shot," says a woman who was rescued from the rubble of her house, which was hit by a rocket. 

A few hours after his arrival, Mr. Serhiy had already covered the windows of his apartment with film.

Next door, Stanislav collects his parents' belongings.

The elderly mother and stepfather have already been taken out of the shattered home.

"They are now in a safe place.

Not wounded, alive.

A miracle happened just out of fear.

Mom was in the toilet, and stepfather was sleeping on the bed and it fell on him from above.

The windows flew out.

There were few people in this house of villas at the beginning of the war, only a few apartments.

There was already an arrival here.

Not in this house, but nearby," he says. 

On Sunday morning, people leave their homes with suitcases and packages.

They take everything they can get their hands on and look for shelter for the night.

After all, it is impossible to live here without windows and communications.

A burst from an enemy missile is just under the windows.

The Russians hit the facade.

"There is destruction, but there is no threat of landslides.

And now our specialists will examine.

We have the opportunity to resettle people who want to live in dormitories, we will place them in dormitories," said Mayor Ihor Terekhov. 

"The facade of this building is partially damaged.

And also neighboring residential buildings.

Windows and facades of these buildings were also damaged.

Garbage was burning in the basement, as well as a car parked next to these buildings," the rescuers added. 

The second rocket hit the University of Urban Economy, so the fifth and fourth floors collapsed.

At the time of the explosion, there was only a security guard in the building.

He was scared and scratched.

"This is a brick structure of the building, hollow ceilings.

We will see in what condition.

We know how to do it.

In total, we have 13, 2 more, and it is already 15 hits.

Only 2 dormitories remained, which today can be operated from 8. The situation is difficult, but I am optimistic - we will do everything.

And we will defeat this bastard," assures the rector of the institution, Volodymyr Babaev. 

Law enforcement officers are working at the site of both flights and are collecting the debris of the rockets.

"According to the preliminary data of explosives technicians, these were exactly S-300 missiles.

"Criminal proceedings have already been opened for part 1 of Article 438 of violation of the laws and customs of war," the police say.

In the near future, the damaged buildings will be examined by specialists, and it will become clear later whether everything that was destroyed can be restored.

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