Ukrainian singer

Alina Grosu

told how her treatment in a hospital in India is going.

In Instagram-stories, the artist shared that she suffers from boredom, so she is tired of being sick.

The celebrity wants to return to an active lifestyle.

Instead, she now has to drink medicine, undergo various medical procedures and eat properly.

Alina Grosu / Photo:

"Would you know how tired I am of being sick and being treated. The roof is falling, I just can't. But sometimes I manage to run to the beach, I have never swum in the sea, only sometimes I wet my feet and watch the crabs when they are released or when very I want to take a walk. And yes, usually, medicine, very proper nutrition, then various medical procedures, I was in the ultrasound room. Usually, the same thing," shared Alina.

Grosu also told how one of the subscribers scared her.

Alina wrote in her photo blog that her grandmother was taken away by an ambulance.

Meanwhile, the singer did not know anything about this, so she began to worry and panic quite a bit.

However, later, the mother reassured Alina and told that everything is fine with the grandmother.

Alina Grosu / Photo:

"And today a very wild situation happened, one girl wrote to me in private messages: "Don't worry, your grandmother is safe, we are taking her to the cardiac clinic now." And she sends me a photo of my grandmother in an ambulance. Since I am very emotional , in our family, they don't always tell me what happens, because I take everything to heart, and I panic and things like that, and my mother didn't tell me. I was in a panic for half a day. Thank God, everything it's okay with my grandmother, because I didn't know what to think anymore," Alina said.

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