Powerful rocket attacks on Druzhkivka in Donetsk region, as a result of which 5 people were injured, 4 residential buildings were damaged and a kindergarten was destroyed.

The 5th floor was the most affected - there people were forced to dismantle the debris all day, some even ran away from the hospital for this purpose, TSN reports. 

After midnight, two powerful rockets arrived in Druzhkivka, a conditionally rear area, and the whole city heard the explosions - 9 people had to be rescued from the rubble.

"I slept with one child, and dad slept with another, smaller one.

When the first blow came, I covered my head and said, son, just don't move, we're sleeping on the glass so I don't get cut.

The second one is the same," residents say. 

The explosion was so powerful that the floors completely collapsed.

Two rockets arrived and only after that the air alarm began.

People from all over the city have gathered here, come to the rescue of relatives and friends, help unload things, drag clumps, and throw garbage.

One of the rockets fell right next to a residential building, and now all the windows have to be sewn up here.

It is dangerous to even approach some apartments, the balconies hang in pieces over places where people are forced to climb out to save their property.

In one of the apartments, of which there was little left, a woman was raking broken bricks, about whom everyone is talking - she is one of the 5 wounded people in this building, but she was not admitted to the hospital.

"The woman is injured, but she ran from the hospital and is cleaning her apartment," neighbors say. 

The situation with the arrival in Druzhkivka is also about mutual aid, even from neighboring Kramatorsk, which also regularly experiences shelling, came to help.

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