A 78-year-old Taichung old man surnamed Zhan lost his way when he went out to exercise. He only remembered living near a Tudi Gong Temple.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Jianzhi)

[Reporter Chen Jianzhi/Taichung Report] A 78-year-old man surnamed Zhan in Wuri, Taichung went out to exercise a few days ago, but he lost his way unexpectedly. After walking for more than 3 hours, he still couldn't find his way home. The light path wandered, and the public found the police. The old man only remembered living near the Tudi Gong Temple. The police drove him to the nearby Tudi Gong Temple to increase his impressions. When they finally drove him to the vicinity of the Rendeli Tudi Gong Temple, the old man remembered where he lived and returned home smoothly. .

The 78-year-old man, surnamed Zhan, was wandering alone on Wuri Wuguang Road the other night. Because of his dazed expression and exhausted expression, the public suspected that he had lost his way and reported the case to the police. The police from the Wuri branch rushed to the police, but the old man said he was going out for exercise but forgot. On the way home, he had already been on the road for nearly 3 hours. The old man only said that his home was next to a Tugong temple. Since he could not tell the correct address, the police had to take him to a nearby Tugong temple. He increases the impression.

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When he finally drove him to the vicinity of the Tugong Temple in Rendeli, the old man suddenly said, "This is the Tugong Temple." He also recalled his residence, returned to his residence smoothly, and thanked the police for their patience and kind assistance.

The Wuri Branch Bureau appeals that if the elders in the family are old and their memory is not the same as before, they should pay more attention to their whereabouts, avoid going out alone, and should wear a love bracelet or put a note of family contact information in their pockets. In case of loss, contact family members as soon as possible.