On the 4th, a 49-vehicle collision accident occurred on the Xuguang Expressway in Changsha, Changsha, China. Many vehicles were piled up several layers. The fire lasted for 6 hours before it was extinguished. It is known that 16 people died and 66 were injured.

(Photo taken from Weibo)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A major car accident was reported on Saturday (4th) in Hunan Province, China. A collision accident occurred on a local expressway yesterday afternoon. Videos leaked on the Internet showed multiple vehicles on fire. The case is known to have caused 16 dead and 66 injured.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the incident happened in Changsha City, Hunan Province. At around 5:19 pm on the 4th, a collision accident occurred near the "Wangcheng Toll Station" on the Changxiang section of the "Xuchang-Guangzhou Expressway". It can be seen that the force of the collision was so great that it even caused an explosion and fire, and thick smoke flew into the sky.

According to the official report today, 16 people were killed in the car accident on the afternoon of the 4th, and 66 people were injured and sent to the hospital. It is reported that a total of 49 vehicles collided, but the official has not yet confirmed the number of vehicles involved.

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It is reported that the accident site was 300 meters long, and some vehicles were burned down to their supports. The fire at the scene was not completely extinguished until around 11:30 that night, and the traffic control was not lifted until 8:25 am on the 5th.

Some people who claimed to be driving on the Xuguang Expressway at the time of the incident claimed that it was raining in Changsha yesterday, and visibility on the expressway was low. At that time, they suddenly heard explosions in front of them. It didn’t take long to see multiple fire trucks appearing. The traffic jam was about 2 It took about 7 o'clock in the evening to leave the road section smoothly.