2 women smuggled rare poisonous stamps to make a fortune in the sea, the customs intercepted the judge and sentenced the Hong Kong girl to 5 years.

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[Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report] A woman surnamed Zeng from Pingtung ordered 50 "drug stamps" from the Netherlands through a woman surnamed Chen from Hong Kong. The two women planned to sell drugs and make a fortune, but they were seized by the customs. Ms. Chen was arrested by the Pingtung District Court For the crime of transporting second-class drugs, she was sentenced to a heavy sentence of 5 years. Ms. Chen refused to accept the appeal. The Kaohsiung Higher Branch Court upheld the original sentence. Ms. Zeng’s sentence was confirmed in February for 2 years.

The verdict pointed out that Zeng and Chen communicated through the communication software Telegram and Instagram. In March last year, Zeng bought 40 poisonous stamps for 30,000 yuan, contacted foreign buyers to order poisonous stamps in the Netherlands, and then sent them to Zeng's location. In Hengchun's office, "Poison Stamp" is a new type of secondary to tertiary mixed drug. It has a variety of strong hallucinogenic ingredients, and its effect is similar to that of LSD. It is similar to a small postage stamp, which is called "poisonous stamp" by Yaojiao.

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The batch of poisoned stamps was stopped at the customs in April last year. When Ms. Zeng went to collect the mail, she was seized by the police on the spot. The test confirmed that it contained the second-class drug LSD, with a gross weight of about 1.2 grams. Ms. Zeng bit out Ms. Chen from Hong Kong Involved in the case, the Pingtung prosecutors prosecuted the two women. The judge of the Pingtung District Court sentenced Ms. Chen to 5 years and Ms. Zeng to 2 years and February for the crime of transporting second-degree drugs. Ms. Chen appealed.

During the trial at the Kaohsiung Higher Branch Court, the judge found that the style, price, payment, and delivery location of the poisoned stamps were all discussed with Ms. Chen directly based on the conversation records between Ms. Chen and Ms. Zeng. Her appeal upheld the 5-year verdict of the first instance, and Zeng Nv's 2-year sentence was confirmed in February.

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