The Russian dictator Putin does not know what to do with the war in Ukraine, so he will repeatedly rush from Prigozhin to the generalship headed by Gerasimov, but will not stop the war, despite the obvious impasse.

This was stated by the Russian opposition leader Oleksandr Nevzorov in an interview with the Gordon publication.

"Putin will never admit that it was a mistake, that it was a crime, that he cut corners. This confession requires true courage. But there is not even a false one. And now he will hang around... Now they will push (the owner of PVK "Wagner" , - Ed.) Prigozhin will nominate generals, and Putin, like a terminally ill person, will rush now to Prigozhin, then to the generals. Convinced of the stupidity, impotence and old-fashionedness of the same (head of the Russian General Staff and commander of the occupation forces in Ukraine, - Ed. .) Gerasimov, he will rush to Prigozhin again. He doesn't care who. He doesn't care who will win this war for him. He will continue to

rush between the convicts and the generals

, passing, so to speak, the palm of favoritism from one hand to another." Nevzorov believes.

That is why the oppositionist believes that the grand

collapse of the Russian Federation is inevitable


However, Nevzorov warns that this disintegration will affect Russia's neighbors as well

"It won't be a victory either in the usual, nice, one-day, easy sense of the word. Of course it won't be. They are ready to throw everything into the fire of war. We can already see that they have a double-headed eagle crowing on the hairdryer. We can see that they "sacrificed the most important thing -

the myth of imperial Russia

, the sanctity of their flags, the epaulettes and epaulettes of the Russian officers: they made criminal criminals the driving force of the war, certainly by desecrating the flags," Nevzorov said.

Earlier, Russian political scientist and publicist Andriy Piontkovsky spoke about the "mini-military coup in Putin's bunker."

According to his information, Gerasimov and Shoigu forced Putin to reduce Prigozhin's influence.

Therefore, the protégé of the head of PMK "Wagner" Surovikin was demoted.

Piontkovsky also suggested that the Russian Federation may lose large territories after the war with Ukraine

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