Nantou Zhushan Zinan Palace will hold a wine tasting on February 6, but considering the epidemic situation, 50,000 cooking bags will be distributed for take-out.

(Photo by reporter Liu Binquan)

[Reporter Liu Binquan/Report from Nantou] Every year after the Lantern Festival, Nantou Zhushan Zinan Palace will hold a meal of dingjiu. This year, considering the epidemic situation, the "internal use" will still be closed on February 6. On-site dingjiu will be distributed. Frozen dingjiu chicken dishes will be distributed , let the believers take it out and enjoy it, and prepare 50,000 copies this year, so that the believers can "sip peace".

The temple officials stated that the Zinan Palace Ping An Dingjiu event is known in Taiwan as "Northern Sky Lantern, Nanfeng Pao, and Zhongdingjiu". , 50,000 Dingjiu cooking packages will be distributed for believers to collect, each serving for 2 people.

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This year, we will still follow the instructions of the Central Epidemic Command Center. Although it is not mandatory to wear masks in open spaces, masks should still be worn when entering the sacrificial area, and temperature measurement and hand disinfection will be carried out at fixed entrances. I hope that people will come to the temple to worship In addition, you can also get Dingjiu to drink safely.