Vera Brezhneva

celebrated her birthday on February 3.

The star turned 41 years old. 

This year, the performer left loud parties and spent it in a warm atmosphere.

Brezhneva said in a recent post on Instagram that she celebrated her birthday in the family circle. 

"Yesterday, I just spent my birthday with my family. In safety, warmth and love. It's priceless," the singer wrote. 


The star shared that this year she received many messages from her friends and acquaintances, which made her very happy.

Vera admitted that she felt a great rush of energy after the greetings. 

"This year, I received such incredible greetings from people dear to me, precisely from those who know me in life. They know what is on my mind right now. With such important words and meanings. I felt so much strength in these wishes," - told the fan an artist 


Greetings from her fans were also a pleasant surprise for the star.

The singer was very touched by warm words from people she does not even know personally.  

"It's incredible that you know when it's my birthday! Thank you for your concern, support, care and love! I have the best people with me! And this is absolute wealth," said Brezhneva.


Brezhneva also thanked her fans and subscribers for their support during this difficult year.

"I still believe in love and miracles. Especially when people do miracles with their own hands. I am grateful to you when you help me do miracles. During this difficult year, we did a lot of good things. Together and separately," the singer added. 



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