The man surnamed Li asked the old mother for money but failed, so he set fire to the house and was prosecuted by the Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office for violating public danger.

(Photo by reporter Ding Weijie)

[Reporter Ding Weijie/Chiayi Report] A 57-year-old man surnamed Li from Chiayi County is unemployed. He has been asking his mother for money in his 80s for a long time. The residence was set on fire. Fortunately, the fire did not expand after being extinguished in time. According to reports, the police rushed to the scene and subdued Li Nan.

The indictment pointed out that Li Nan was unemployed and asked his mother in his 80s for money for a long time. After asking his mother for money on January 2 this year and was rejected, he had a quarrel with his sister and lost control of his emotions. Inside, put waste paper, toilet paper and clothes on the ground, use a lighter to ignite newspapers to set fire to the house.

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After Mr. Li set the fire, his clothes and the massage chair in the room were burned, and the fire might spread to his residence and adjacent bungalows. Fortunately, his sister found out immediately and poured water to put out the fire, so the fire did not continue to expand.