"The Ukrainian peace formula is 10 precise points capable of creating a new, globally important security architecture.

That which will return freedom to the entire Ukrainian land, to all our people.

And what serves as guarantees of freedom and security for other peoples," Zelensky noted.

In a video produced by United24 Media and published by Zelenskiy, the following 10 points are listed:

  • Radiation and nuclear safety — the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Zaporizhzhya NPP, Ukraine gaining full control over all the country's nuclear facilities, Russia's compliance with all IAEA rules;

  • Food security - guaranteeing uninterrupted work of the "Grain Initiative", liberation by Russia of all Ukrainian seaports;

  • Energy security — providing Ukraine with reliable air defense systems for the protection of Ukrainian energy facilities;

  • The release of all Ukrainian prisoners of war, the return to Ukraine of all Ukrainian civilians deported to Russia;

  • Implementation of the UN Charter — restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the world order in which Russia respects Ukrainian sovereignty;

  • Withdrawal of Russian troops from the entire Ukrainian territory and cessation of hostilities — return to Ukrainian borders from 1991 along with Crimea and Donbass;

  • Restoration of justice — a special tribunal for those responsible for war crimes in Ukraine and compensation for all damages to Ukraine;

  • Protection of the environment — Russia must answer for the damage caused to the Ukrainian environment as a result of military actions;

  • Preventing the re-escalation of the conflict in the future - security guarantees for Ukraine, investments in the Ukrainian military and industrial complex, transfer of weapons to Ukraine to protect against a possible attack, training of the Ukrainian military and joint exercises with NATO.

  • A new security structure for Europe and the world.

  • As previously reported, the Chairman of the European Council, Charles Michel, said that the European Union supports the Ukrainian "peace formula" and is ready to work on the implementation of all ten points and the holding of the Peace Summit.

    President Zelensky outlined his "peace formula" in a speech to world leaders during the G20 summit in Indonesia.